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Tower One: Our Answer to the

Vertical Farming Challenge

Tower One is designed to ease space constraints, manufacturing difficulties, sourcing of raw materials locally and being simple enough to qualify as DIY

Introducing Tower One

Simple vertical gardening for balconies and rooftops

Tower One is a fully self-contained vertical farming system that is not only easy to assemble but also simple to maintain. Growing your own food has never been easier. Learn more below.


Tower One can be easily installed by you or we can set this up for you at no extra cost

Watering System

A pump and all the required piping to circulate the water is included

Easy to Maintain

Planting and harvesting is extremely easy

Water Reservoir

A reservoir recirculates water and reduces water usage by 80%

Space Efficient

Provides more than 4 square feet of growing surface with 1 square feet of floor space

Festival Offer

Tower One is designed to be a DIY kit, but if you order before Diwali, we'll be happy to come and set it up for you (if you live somewhere in Bangalore) and save you the trouble.

It Includes Everything

Tower One includes everything you need to get started with that kitchen garden you always wanted. Grow spinach, lettuce, strawberries, cherry tomatoes or any number of other vegetables and start eating healthy and fresh food!

Light-weight Grow Media

The growth media is based on a mix of coco-peat and fertiliser which is lighter than soil making it perfect for balconies or rooftops.

Watering System

An in-built water pump and distribution system makes growing vegetables an absolute breeze. Just turn on the switch for fifteen minutes every day and you’re done.

Compact Design

Tower One was thoughtfully designed to occupy less than one square feet of floor space making it perfect for even small balconies or small rooftops.

We’ll Let Them Explain

Why you need to do this

Food security is an important issue and we need to get a leg up on this ourselves. Watch the videos below to better understand how the food is currently grown, transported and stored.

Dan Barber

How I fell in love with a fish

Caleb Harper

How old is that apple you're eating?

What kind of a difference can you make?

The common notion is that one can't make a difference on their own. We take fault with this thinking. Every bit counts. Whether you're able to grow your herbs in just one Tower or go on to ask us to set up a whole roof-top farm, every bit counts.

Join the Movement

Get Tower One for your home and grow your own vegetables or if that sounds like too much work, just buy vegetables grown the right way from an urban farm near you. Get started now.

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