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05 Apr 2019

Why Your Design Should Reflect Your Values

Sharan Grandigae   UX   Values   Principles

Everyday, we make countless decisions prompted by the design of systems, software and experiences that we engage with. More often than not, we barely give these decisions a second thought. But user experience designers who are designing these experiences have their own world views that shape their designs and users are only making choices within the subset of decisions provided to them by the designers.

14 Mar 2019

Voice is the Future of User Interfaces

Sharan Grandigae   UX   Voice UI   Speed

Gartner has predicted that in 2019, we can expect 20% of user interactions with smartphones to take place via voice user interfaces. Gartner’s annual mobile apps survey conducted every year across the US, the UK and China shows that an increasing number of users are adopting voice personal assistants. Apple’s Siri and Google Now are among the most preferred VPAs on phones. But the nascent trend is expected to become the new normal. This is because technological innovations will make voice interfaces more intuitive.

28 Feb 2019


Sharan Grandigae   UX   Socially Conscious   Privacy

The importance of data and privacy is greater than ever before in this hyper-connected world. The implementation of GDPR laws in Europe highlight this very fact. While these laws don’t apply to India and other proposals like the Srikrishna committee report are yet to gain acceptance, the team at Redd has endeavoured to adopt practices that protect user privacy. Following strict data privacy practices also has the added benefit of allowing Indian start-ups to expand in Europe without major changes to the design of their systems.

21 Feb 2019

4 Ways to Improve Patient Experience with UX Design Principles

Sharan Grandigae   UX   Patient Experience

Modern medical care needs to go beyond helping Anu deliver her baby, and improve her overall patient experience. With rampant competition and an aware, digitally savvy customer base, patient experience — timely appointments, easy access to information and good communication with doctors — can increase patient loyalty besides eliminating waste and reducing costs. An effective, intuitive way for hospitals to improve patient experience is to embrace technology and UX design principles.

14 Feb 2019

Yes, UX Design Offers Great Return on Investment!

Sharan Grandigae   UX   Return On Investment

When it comes to investing in UX for an organisation’s service or product, very often the question that comes up is whether or not it is worth the investment. While the added value is not completely quantifiable, the results of great UX are very measurable and real. A study by Forrester has shown that companies that invest in UX see lowered costs of customer acquisition, lowered support cost, increased customer retention and increased market share. Furthermore, statistics show that every $1 invested in UX brings $100 in return, which brings the ROI to a staggering 1,000 per cent.

7 Feb 2019

Tech Trends in the Luxury E-Commerce Space

Sharan Grandigae   UX   Luxury E Commerce

The luxury segment is characterised by customers who don’t care just about the functionality of products (or services) but about how well the same were inspired, designed, packaged and delivered. For instance, people don’t buy expensive watches from brands like Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet or Rolex because they tell time but because it is a feat of engineering that a machine built from mechanical parts can tell it with such accuracy, all the while packaged with such mastery that they can be thought of as jewellery.

31 Jan 2019

Technology in Real Estate Operations is Stuck in the Eighties. Why?

Sharan Grandigae   UX   Real Estate

When one thinks of real estate, the image of a developer sitting in front of a row of landline phones, holding a mobile phone to each ear while answering innumerable calls is very familiar. However, in this era of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the rapid pace of growth of the industry calls for the adoption of technologies that can manage multiple processes that are still being carried out through archaic means.

25 Jan 2019

A Look at Emerging UX Design Trends for 2019

Shana Singh   Sharan Grandigae   UX  

UX design has become ubiquitous today — product interfaces, on-boarding processes and content presentation on varied digital platforms depend upon it. With technology advancing rapidly and evolving, it has become mandatory for industry players to constantly adapt to new design strategies.

17 Jan 2019

When You Should Pick an External UX Agency Over an In-House Team

Sharan Grandigae   UX  

For organisations considering whether to hire an external agency for UX, the number of factors to take into account might seem overwhelming. Is an external partner necessary from the very beginning or does one wait until product challenges and growth goals are at a juncture where the company clearly needs outside help?

10 Jan 2019

The Five Promises of Technology

Sharan Grandigae   UX  

In this era of technology, everything from sleek gadgets and AI to smart user interfaces promise to help businesses streamline processes, increase the number of happy clients and retain customers. However, the million dollar question is — are these technologies fulfilling their intended purpose?

3 Jan 2019

Motion Design is the SFX of UX Today

Sharan Grandigae   UX  

Motion design is the discipline within graphic design that concerns itself with the question of how to bring animation and visual effects onto digital screens. It adds an essential element of expressiveness to digital media today. Everything, from digital communication to advertisements, is influenced by it and is seeing drastic shifts in the way these things are designed.

27 Dec 2018

How Good UX Can Overcome the Need for Customers to be Physically Present

Sharan Grandigae   UX  

There are many products that we think must be displayed in brick-and-mortar stores. Items such as furniture, jewellery, clothes, paints, glasses, etc., may need people to walk into physical stores to see, touch and feel these before buying.

20 Dec 2018

Why UX Design is not an Extension of Graphic Design

Sharan Grandigae   UX  

You may have seen marketing agencies offering user experience design services, you may even have seen graphic designers freelancing as user experience designers and may have come to the conclusion that UX design is a natural offshoot of graphic design.

13 Dec 2018

How to Use UX to Make Machine-Learning Systems More Effective

Sharan Grandigae   UX  

Machine Learning (ML) is a relatively new field and has been talked about quite a bit in the technology sphere. It’s one of the most important advancements since the invention of computers.

10 Aug 2018

The Dawn of the U-Commerce Era

Sharan Grandigae   UX  

What is u-commerce? How is it different from omni-channel commerce? And how is it "a powerful framework of thinking used by the most influential UX designers today"? Read on to find out.

15 Jun 2018

Building for Beliefs

Akshitha Praveen and Shana Singh   UX  

Should we design systems around people's beliefs and values? Should this be a point of concern for businesses today? These are some points argued in this blog article that our designers are thinking about. Read on to know if you should adopt some of these strategies into your business.

16 April 2018

The UX Story from the Indian Subcontinent

Sharan Grandigae   UX  

User experience (UX) design is one of the least discussed subjects amongst Indian start-ups today. This is surprising because numerous studies have shown that for every dollar spent on “implementing focus on customer experience” can make between one and two hundred dollars in return.

28 Mar 2018

The Art of Comics

Anupama Nalinakshan   Visual Design  

In our first post that is solely about visual design, Anupama talks about how very informative the design of comics is on a very basic level and examines the tradition tracing it all the way back to the classical styles that form the basis of the modern art-form of comics.

22 Feb 2018

Designing for Failure

Shana Singh and Akshitha Praveen   Design  

Keeping in mind failure scenarios that you know about is doing a good job. But a better job is when you take into consideration failure scenarios that you can't anticipate. There are opportunities hidden within these unknown scenarios if we would take them into consideration during design.

29 Nov 2017

We’re now powered by a Pocketful of Sunshine. Yes, really!

Sharan Grandigae   Environment  

Redd has taken another step to be more environmentally friendly. Our studio is now powered by the sun and we did it without breaking a sweat! Read this article to find out how simple the process really is and adopt it at your place of work too if possible.

26Aug 2017

Schools of Design

Sharan Grandigae   Design  

Redd was recently invited to judge a design competition between many design schools across Delhi. This provided us an insight into the state of design education in India. The report is hopeful and positive but with a realisation that there's much more learning left. Read on to know more.

8Aug 2017

Designing a Conversational World

Shana Singh   Design  

Designing a conversational user interface has come a long way since the development of Siri or its ilk. The age of subservient bots has passed and bots today need to play by new rules as its users have also matured over time.

4Apr 2017

Take Off: Seven lessons from the aircraft industry for UX designers

Sharan Grandigae   Design  

There are always parallels between the various fields of design. These lessons are derived from the aircraft and airline design industries that we found applicable and apply in UX design too.

12Feb 2017

Redd Space: File transfer. Done.

Sharan Grandigae   Design, Product  

Despite our advances, the simple act of transferring files from one device to another isn't as simple as it should have been. We took a look at what's out there and when we couldn't find a good alternative, designed and built one ourselves. Read more to learn about the thought process behind this.

24Jan 2017

Going round and round

Akshitha Praveen   Design  

Designing products without considering how they will eventually be disposed is not only irresponsible but is also only looking at half a problem. Rethinking design strategies based on circular design principles will allow us to address the user's real needs and even leverage new opportunities.

15Aug 2016

When and how often should start-ups update or rebuild their website?

Sharan Grandigae   Business  

This article was written before we were interviewed on this subject. Read the full version of what we meant to say by clicking on "Read More" below or read the edited version on the magazine's website.

27Jul 2016

Design must humanise technology

Sharan Grandigae   Design  

While other fields of design hinge upon other principles, software design is about humanising technology. Technology has been becoming more and more complex. We are on the verge of a paradigm shift where it is only possible for machines to talk to each other and human beings just cannot process the quantum or speed of the information.