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Branding for travel technology developer
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About the Project

Client Asar

Website www.hotelhub.com

Start Date 15th Aug, 2017

Duration 3 weeks

Deliverables Brand Design

After having worked on their application design, Travel Centric Technology went through a rebranding exercise where they brought their main product 'Hotel Hub' into the fore and repositioned the company as a product-first company as their product had better recognition than the company itself. Redd was called in to help with the branding excercise as we had developed a comnfort level between the companies already.

This project should have been quite a challenge as the client had already been through many rounds of logo designs and a number of avenues were blocked because of that. However, because we understood their industry well, we had a home-court advantage and presented core ideas that were solid right off the bat. The idea that the brand was finally built around was that of a link that appears time and again.

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