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About the Project

Client Eaiva Innovations

Website Google Play Store   Apple App Store

Start Date 1 July, 2015

Duration 6 months

Deliverables Mobile app design

Music Hub, now called Troppo, was a project born out of the love for music. Troppo's main intention was to evolve music players to the way we consume music today. With so much new music all around us, we are in a constant mode of discovery and the players were not doing a good job in helping us do this this!

Troppo does this by blurring the line between your music, your colleague's music, your friend's music and what's on the internet. Want to listen to something? Just type the name and hit play — and Troppo will find it for you wherever it is!

The goal of the interface design was to immerse users in the music that they love. For this reason, we went extremely minimalistic in our approach and took away everything that wasn't necessary and kept only the absolute necessities. We developed a navigation system that would last while new features were constantly added.

One key innovation in the UI design was to have a mode where every element gets out of the way so you are able to just see the album art. You can leave your phone on your table and turn it into a gorgeous piece of art!

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