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About the Project

Client MyGram

Website www.mygram.me

Start Date 16th June, 2017

Duration 2 weeks

Deliverables Brand design, basic brand collateral, desktop and mobile website design

MyGram has developed a platform that does a number of things among which is the ability to send secure links through SMS, that allows users who don't have smartphones to access things like email, bank statements or other documents or resources that require authentication.

Our task involved the design of the brand for the company and all of its products as well as of the website structure that would allow for new products to be added to it over time.

Our objective in this project was to begin with creating a brand identity which would allow the company to develop and innovate continuously without having to go through a branding exercise each time. We achieve brand efficiency through the use of "stacks".

For the website, we designed the home page to contain brief information about each of the products and then the individual product pages that would allow a user to dive deeper and learn more.

"Beyond their obvious brilliance at design, Redd brings an understanding of your business and its needs - this makes the whole engagement a real pleasure."

Ramshreyas Rao, CEO, MyGram

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